Is 3D Printing Dead?

3d printing was all the rage back then some entrepreneurs and analysts in the space predicted a 3d printer with soon a staple in every household as ubiquitous as microwaves according to the zealots these futuristic devices would democratized manufacturing.

Craig an Industrial Revolution or as the October 2012 cover of Wired put it this machine will change the world yeah not so much that guy on the cover of Wired he’d only off half his workforce rival companies face similar downsizing and anecdotally.

I don’t know anyone who owns a 3d printer and I know some bonafide nerds yet it turns out that the 3d printing revolution might still have a chance we were just looking in the wrong place all that hype I just talked about plus the TED talks and The Colbert Report appearances these centered on 3d printers as consumer products desktop appliances for the home.

Peter Bassel ear a 3d printer researcher at Gartner told me this focus on the consumer market did not serve the general populations understanding of what was actually going on especially since its advocates were prone to hyperbole it’s the world of 3d printing and it’s going to change everything of course it doesn’t help that tech media loves bluster and oversimplification but away from the media fueled excitement serious people were doing serious research universities big businesses even government’s and the most exciting and useful developments weren’t for hobbyist looking to print out busts of their cats but industrial manufacturers trying to save money and increase efficiency

Terri Wohlers whose annual report on 3d printing is a big deal in the industry told me that in that realm the professional manufacturing realm the 3d printing revolution is happening right now companies like General Electric youlet Packard Boeing even Nike have integrated 3d printing into their workflow not as some sort of gimmick but because it’s good for the bottom line that’s sort of the beauty of talented business people they ignore all the noise the ups and downs of the hype cycle and they focus on the Under technology and 3d printing technology has its advantages a big one is that it enables easy prototyping Vasiliy are told me this is the primary use of industrial 3d printers basically research and development departments can get a tangible sample product without having to design and build expensive molds and make a big upfront investment plus they can do the prototyping in-house no need for an outside firm and if they need to make adjustments and incorporate feedback they can do it right away companies can even give these prototypes to their sales teams to see if there are any potential customers all this allows new ideas to fail fast which is way better than failing slow another advantage 3d printers are particularly good at printing odd geometric shapes that are impossible to manufacture as one solid piece through traditional process for instance a few years ago General Electric started using 3d printed fuel nozzles in their jet engines traditionally these fuel nozzles were made up of 20 different component parts and assembling them was an intricate challenge the 3d printed version however is just one piece eliminating the possibility of human error not only that but they’re 25% lighter which means there’s fuel savings keep in mind this is big business for GE they’ve reported some 80 billion dollars in gen engine six.

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Another great feature of 3d printing they’re a lifeline for businesses in isolation if you need a spare part but you’re on an oil rig in the middle the ocean you can’t just use Amazon Prime well maybe when the drone fleet arrives but not right now actually speaking of science fictiony stuff there’s a company aptly named made in space that well specializes in 3d printers that work in zero-gravity that’s a tremendous advance because astronauts have to travel with so many tools and spare parts in case of emergency the zero gravity 3d printer is a way to lighten the payload again saving fuel and think of the implications for settling Mars you can’t bring everything to a far-off planet but you can bring the machine that can make everything I can go on and on about industrial 3d printing applications the customized prosthetics the quickly built homes the precise dental implants but now I’m realizing the irony of starting this piece by shit-talking the hype cycle and Here I am pretty hyped and should be fair there are still some problems I spoke to two researchers hi Mae Bodine raka and parth Vaishnav who interviewed dozens of manufacturers engineers and business leaders and publish a paper that identified some significant issues with 3d printing for instance regulators the world over require parts to be tested for safety especially in the aerospace and automobile industries but there’s no established playbook on how to test 3d printed items so the industry has to create its own systems and importantly prove to regulators that they’re effective that’s time consuming and expensive.

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The researchers also told me not to underestimate the training and expertise required to design and produce products for 3d printing despite what we were told on The Colbert Report it’s not as simple as pressing a button and the design requires special software and perhaps that’s the lingering negative impact of all that hype we were told this tech was easy to use so when people started experimenting with it and discovered was actually a bit of a pain in the ass they got frustrated and wrote it off in other words many of us including professional manufacturers were introduced the technology without the caveat that it still had a long way to go it’s like reading a draft of a book and assuming the final product won’t be any better but the technology has been improving corporate investments in the space are up so our sales and perhaps more importantly a new generation is being trained on 3d printing every expert I spoke to pointed out that it’s not uncommon for high schools universities and community colleges to teach 3d printing when those students become professional engineers they can rely on that experience to not only have a better understanding of how to troubleshoot but they’ll have more realistic expectations relatedly one of my guiding philosophies in life is to always under promise in my humble opinion it’s much better to exceed modest expectations than to fail to meet unrealistic ones so maybe 3d printing isn’t going to change the world wherever the hell that means but it seems on pace to improve it somewhat Wohlers estimated it can account for 5% of global manufacturing that might sound like a small number but it accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars that’s see so the story of the 3d printer revolution is a reminder just because something doesn’t live up to the expectations right away doesn’t mean it’s a failure the fate of a technology is often unpredictable

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Shopping in London what you should know

Choosing Good Shopping in London

Shopping in London Options

The truly amazing thing about shopping in Great Britain is that items are far less expensive than in several other countries like Australia. There are truly endless possibilities in regards to vintage shopping in London.

If you like to visit London for the shopping, you’ll locate perfect opportunities all around the city. As is usually true in London, you need ton’t have some trouble getting a taxi! Known around the world among the very best shopping cities in Europe, London is an excellent destination for a shopping holiday. It should definitely be under your radar, especially if you’re currently in Europe.

There you’ll come across the Portobello Road Market. Portobello Road isn’t only a perfect area where to go shopping in London, it’s also the right spot to live the actual atmosphere of the city. Few shopping streets on the planet can provide a Grade II listed location.

Portobello Road Market london

Portobello Road Market britain

Next thing, he’s walking from the shop. One of the extraordinary things about shopping in London is the tremendous medley of different alternatives available.  Take a gander within our guide and spend a great shopping experience! 1 hell of the weekend shopping trip.

Most of the above is just a teaser about what’s on offer in regards to shopping in London. In this specific article, we will highlight some of our favourite shopping spots in London. Visit The Cavendish website for more detailed information- this accommodation site will guide you on hotel prices in London.

A few of the very best shopping bargains are found within the city’s markets. A fantastic place to become lost’ Covent Garden provides good shopping for virtually any budget and various retail ranges. London is the very best place where to do a little bit of flea market sightseeing. Find the newest theatre deals here.

covent garden

It’s an incredible store, and generally has a really fantastic sale happening. From there you’ll easily locate a number of the oldest stores in London in addition to the newest. You can certainly spend a complete day browsing wonderful shops in London. For details, visit the Visit London website.

Yes to Shopping in OLD London

This famous medieval street is the ideal spot to combine a little bit of shopping and sightseeing. For an international shopping break, London provides the very best shops all in a single city.

medieval street london

It sprawls round the industry hall, a multi-story shopping center. Thus, get your own shopping bags ready because there is ample shopping greats planning to be revealed. Explore just outside the square and you’ll find lots of luxe stores. It is possible to cross under its famous arch and discover an interesting combination of shops along with visitors.

Camden market Shopping in London

Argos supplies a shopping concept which doesn’t exist in Turkey, yet. Camden Market is among the most famous of these. These days, however, the Royal Exchange hosts various luxury shops.

It is one of London’s most well-known markets where you’ll find plenty of quirky shops as well as stalls, vintage dens and distinctive designs. Hamleys, among the most famous toy shops on the planet, is just another recommendation, particularly if you have little ones in tow. Generally speaking, you really’ll come across independent shops in a lot of the exact neighborhoods where you’ll locate vintage shops. You don’t need to look far to get the important chain shops. Visit here for more information…

Thats all folks….

Best Serviced office Singapore

Handymen to Trust in Singapore

Here are 6 jack of all trades assets for a wide range of home support issues.

1. Massive Item Disposal

Need to dispose of a nonworking apparatus? Moving and need to offload furniture quick?

The authorized specialists at Junk To Clear can do it for you. Ring 6749 2306 to take in more or get a free statement on the web (costs begin at $80 to arrange a little couch). While the organization isn’t a non-benefit, it says it does its best to reuse however much garbage as could reasonably be expected, incorporating giving to families in require.

HDB tenants, sign on to your particular town committee site to organize an evacuation for nothing or an expense.

2. Pipes Problems

What to do if a pipe rushes amidst the night?

Call the Get Plumber Singapore whenever of the day. Its authorized and enlisted handymen charge by the activity, not the hour (from $60 for an obstructed can).

On the other hand, ring the Singapore Plumbing Society at 6294 9252 to have the closest handyman dispatched to your home inside three hours (rates per work extend from $60 to $900 and up).

3. Room Painting

Paint gets all over: on the furniture, rugs, parquet flooring, your garments… except if you comprehend what you’re doing (and regardless of whether you do, who has sufficient energy?).

Have Painting Services Singapore go to your HDB level, apartment suite or landed property for a free nearby survey or demand a citation on the web. Full installment isn’t expected until after the activity is finished; assessed costs extend from $800 for under 1,000 square feet to $1,500 and up for in excess of 1,800 square feet.

4. Electrical Snags

DIYing electrical repairs can be an uncertain suggestion.

Get Electrician Service is a legislature affirmed, 24-hour circuit repairman benefit that can enable you to manage everything from control inability to rewiring and electrical augmentations. Call Chief Electrician for a citation and site study.

5. Landscape Solutions

Research demonstrates taking a gander at nature helps your mental wellbeing.

Be that as it may, in case you’re not honored with a verdant view, and don’t have a green thumb, don’t lose hope. Goodview Garden and Landscape can plan your greenery and after that keep it kept up (from $120 per visit for consistent garden maintanance). Call 6293 9694 for an interview.

6. For Jacks of All Trades handles errands from introducing another electrical plug to redesigning your whole kitchen. It covers its contractual workers’ work inside 90 days.

Check out their service pricing here.

Tip: What’s Legal in SG?

Self employed entities, (for example, Singapore’s numerous useful “uncles”) are frequently uninsured for unexpected wounds that may occur at work. As indicated by the Ministry of Manpower, every contracted representative in Singapore are ensured under the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), which enables representatives to assert business related wounds without legitimate activity.

Thus, while it’s not illicit to procure a non-authorized contractual worker, for true serenity, run with one who’s legitimately guaranteed.

What to know when buying Solid Wood Furniture

Purchasing wooden table out of the blue can be a confounding and threatening knowledge. Clients are assaulted with confounding and frequently deceptive language, with terms, for example, MDF, LVL, particleboard, chipboard, fiberboard, compressed wood, ‘Genuine’ Wood, ‘Characteristic Wood’, ‘Cover’, and ‘Facade’ calmly tossed around so as to influence the furniture to appear to be quality to the detriment of your comprehension. Terms, for example, ‘wood solids’, ‘genuine wood’ don’t mean a piece is made of real, natural timber.

This guide is planned to return capacity to your hands by furnishing you with some brisk tips and traps so you can ensure what you’re paying for is without a doubt the genuine article.

What is Solid Wood?

Essentially, strong wood is unique wood cut from trees, conveyed straight from nature to your home. In the past times previously fabricating techniques made Engineered wood items, for example, compressed wood and chipboard more typical, this was the main kind of wood furniture. In present day times in any case, strong wood furniture is progressively a sign of extravagance as the majority of the huge, old trees that used to be bottomless on our planet have been chopped down, and the staying ones set apart for conservation and security.

In the event that you had ever chance upon a live edge wood furniture, you need to concur that it leaves a solid impression. Albeit regularly connected with provincial stylistic theme, live edge configuration can fit with any style in which the characteristic excellence of wood is central.

While most live edge wood chunks are normally one of its kind and no two sections appears to be identical, we can catergorise the pieces into the distinctive sort of wood writes. The most widely recognized live edge wood sections utilized for furniture are basically Walnut, Ebony and Suar. There are around 100,000 types of wood on the planet, figuring out how to separate between the sorts of wood enables you to settle on more intelligent decisions when looking for your way of life and home.


With its differentiating light yellow sap wood unmistakably divided from the dim dark colored heartwood, not overlooking its bends and twists displaying the diagram of the tree trunk, South American Walnut live edge pieces hold a considerable measure of character and are unquestionably a conversational starter.

As the name recommends, the wood is sourced from South America and isn’t to be mistaken for the North American Walnut and Suar wood because of its name and visual highlights individually. Read on to discover the distinctions!


It is not easy to you had confused Suar wood for South American Walnut and the other way around. With its plainly delineated light-shaded sapwood, Suar wood resembles South American Walnut at the main look.

One approach to disclose to them separated is to take note of the thickness of the chunk, Suar Wood pieces are for the most part sliced thicker to anticipate distorting and generally fortified with metal bars embedded over the section, clear from openings penetrated and concealed along the edges.

Another distinctions prominent just when you put the sections one next to the other is the extravagance of the tone. South American Walnut is darker in tone and is more differentiated when contrasted with Suar. In any case, you can likewise discover those Suar section that was deliberately recolored to Walnut shading.

Notwithstanding its moderately bring down thickness and hardness among different hardwoods, Suar wood sections are regularly bigger in width because of their quickly developing nature as tropical rainforest trees. On the off chance that you are searching for a piece that can fit more individuals around the table, be it a feasting table or meeting table, Suar sections may simply work for you at a more pocket-accommodating value extend.

Read more about: Suar Wood and its making


North and South. Is there extremely a contrast between the two sorts of wood?

North American Walnut, otherwise called Black Walnut, is perceived for its more extravagant darker tone when contrasted with South American Walnut. In any case, most North American Walnut chunks are littler in width and are frequently bookmarked (putting two coordinating sections one next to the other) to frame a bigger piece appropriate for a general measured feasting table best. The utilization of more material and extra workmanship unquestionably adds to the cost if you somehow managed to contrast with getting a similar table best size in North American Walnut rather than South American Walnuts. Moreover, Black walnut wood commonly requests a higher cost point in view of its expanding request and diminishing supply of dark walnut trees.

Article source: etch&,

Perks of working in Serviced office in Singapore

Organizations of all sizes can profit by working in serviced office in Singapore whether as their head office, a provincial branch office or their first office. It gives a simple, okay strategy for meeting space prerequisites and regularly has extra advantages.

Here are a portion of the advantages we offer:

No capital speculation.

As there is no capital speculation this enables you to free up your trade saves for contributing out different zones of the business.

One advantageous month to month charge.

A solitary bill covering rent, rates and utilities enables you to better conjecture your income.

One months take note.

By just requiring one months see this guarantees you can profit by not having the long tie-ins and long gets that are appended to leasing your own premises. Having a no tie in strategy empowers us to offer you the adaptability for your office space that you have to contend.


An ongoing BCA study has featured that renting overhauled office space as required is regularly unmistakably savvy at that point renting customary office space.

Breakthrough interchanges.

Interchanges are the soul of business. Guaranteeing that your correspondence systems are a la mode can be a test and it is a test that we savor. This is only one of the numerous issues and cerebral pains that utilizing an overhauled office rather then leasing your own particular premises assuages you of.

Meeting Room.

Having an additional room is progressively turning into an extravagance for some organizations. At Watlington Business Center we have a very much delegated gathering room that is accessible as required.

Kept an eye on gathering and no call missed.

Guaranteeing that your guests are met and your conveyances are taken can have a significant effect by they way others see you. Having a kept an eye on gathering permits overhauled workplaces to guarantee that your guests are met as they arrive. What’s more it additionally enables them to pick up the telephone for you on the off chance that you are away or occupied with, implying that you won’t miss that essential call.


Tragically security has moved toward becoming piece of our consistently lives. Never again is it conceivable to leave your front entryway open and anticipate that your belonging will in any case be there when you return. This anyway is another territory that an overhauled office deals with CCTV, gatecrasher observing and focus staff guaranteeing your office remains the way you cleared out it.

Bother free.

Notwithstanding security, which is considered important, overhauled workplaces can offer a problem free work space. Lighting, warming and cleaning are dealt with empowering you to deal with your business.

An instant system.

Interpersonal organizations are extremely popular these days and business systems have dependably been critical. Overhauled workplaces offer an inalienable instant business system of similarly invested organizations. Individuals work with individuals they like. On the off chance that gathering over the espresso machine sufficiently isn’t, you may likewise wish to attempt our collaborating choice.


Maybe you don’t require a lasting office yet would profit by having the capacity to utilize an office space for only 60 minutes, a day or seven days? Hot-desking implies you can have the space that you require, when you require it.

Why hiring a SEO Company while you can do it yourself?

Spare time, cash and assets – Use your opportunity and assets shrewdly, let them manage your business and let the specialists do SEO. To get comes about with SEO you need great information of how web crawlers function and this is a comment picked up as a matter of fact, training and specialization.

Comprehend your clients better – One of the great things on the Internet is that everything is quantifiable. Your SEO specialists can give you a great deal of data about your client, their necessities and conduct.

Investigate new markets – Search motors are not by any means the only wellspring of movement. With the assistance of Internet Marketers you can investigate new markets and business openings.

Web Marketing procedure – You need an entire Internet Marketing technique which goes past Search promoting. A decent SEO organization will make your technique and activity design with the goal that you don’t miss on any business opportunity.

Make an easy to use site – One of the advantages of SEO is that it expands the ease of use of a site. An easy to use site can create more deals or potential clients.

What to search for in a decent and Reliable SEO firm?

One of the perils of having an open overall market like the Internet is the nearness of con artists and the SEO business is no special case to the run the show. Sadly in the event that you pursuit to discover a SEO consultancy organization on the Internet, you will likewise discover many phony organizations or ‘Web optimization’ specialists that can accomplish more mischief to your site than great.

The accompanying tips can enable you to discover and procure a decent and dependable SEO organization:

Pipe dream guarantees – This is a general run on the Internet. When something is unrealistic then it is most likely a phony. On the off chance that an organization guarantees first page rankings on Google for exceptionally focused catchphrases by obtaining a bundle of connections or a SEO bundle at that point spare your cash and remain away. To get high rankings you require a great deal of time and exertion and it isn’t just about connections.

Contextual investigations or examples of overcoming adversity – Everyone can claim to be a SEO. What recognizes the individuals who truly know SEO from con artists is their history and foundation. Request that your be SEO organization to give you cases of their SEO work including reports that show increment in rush hour gridlock from web indexes. Take a gander at the cases and complete two or three ventures in Google about the specific site. Would you be able to discover them in the Search brings about the spots they assert? At the point when did they begin chip away at the specific site and how aggressive is the specialty?

Involvement in the business – As I specified above, SEO is a quick changing industry and to have the capacity to adapt to the progressions and remain in sync with the most recent advancements you require genuine specialists that have the vital learning and experience. At the point when did the organization enrolled, where are they found, what is their experience? These are a portion of the inquiries you ought to ask them before settling on a choice.

White cap rehearses – One of the issues looked by many organizations who procure counterfeit SEO organizations is the way that those organizations are utilizing dark cap practices to accomplish rankings. While the outcomes might support toward the starting, soon the sites are rebuffed and vanish from the query items. What is imperative is the SEO Company to utilize just white cap techniques and all the more essentially you ought to request that they give you a report of what precisely they will do on your web property.

Website optimization isn’t just about SEO – As bizarre as this may sound a dependable SEO organization won’t just manage seek promoting yet will make an entire Internet Marketing design exploiting every conceivable market accessible on the Internet today.

Who is behind the organization? – The nature of this business gives you the chance to work with the customers utilizing the Internet without doing nearby visits. This does not imply that you shouldn’t know with whom you are talking. Who is the proprietor and workers of the organization? Is the organization regarded in the business? How might you get in touch with them?

Expectations – What are the correct expectations of their engagement? Will they furnish you with month to month reports demonstrating progress? Do they characterize a beginning stage, points of reference and particular objectives in their assention? At the point when do they consider a crusade fruitful?


Your business can profit by a trusted SEO firm

The point here is that you should employ an organization that has a dream about your web nearness. Paying somebody to improve your site yet without having any genuine increases (i.e new clients, new leads, new deals, new contacts and so on) is in the same class as nothing. An effective SEO crusade as a rule traverses over various months and it is surely not a one time or static process.

The uplifting news however is that a dependable SEO agency can open new skylines for your business or site and you should simply pick shrewdly.

Check out Novatise – SEO Agency based in Singapore